I have moved…..

I got webhosting this week. So the blog has moved.



Seven and a half million years later…..

I ordered the new name decals from someone on ebay. They said in their listing “Most orders are despatched within 24 hours” and it was first class post. Great.

Luckily they didn’t quite take as long as Deep Thought did to calculate the answer.

They finally turned up today (about a week and a half later, having missed both the weekends that I planned to apply them) and they are wrong!! so thats a week late and not exactly what I asked for. Luckily they are not so wrong that I cant sort it out but I bet I screw up the spacing.

Wouldn’t mind so much if I had told them over the phone, but it was in an email. The name is FortyTwo (note that I didn’t put a space between the Forty and the Two).

The good news is I can finally get the new name on the boat.

If it stops raining.

The answer is, is, is……

today i spent a lot of time removing the old name from the ‘new’ boat. I honestly thought that the stickers would come off quite eaily, but she wasnt giving up her old name without a fight.But I won in the end, and now the only traces of her old name are the licence and some bits of fhe old name that need sanding off. Next weekned we will be removing those and completing the de-naming ceremony, followed by the naming ceremony. And Champagne 😉

Life, the Universe and Everything.

I wanted to change the name of the boat, as I am not the most creative person in the world it took quite a while to come up with a new name.

I emailed the Environment Agency (who she is registered with) to see what was involved. I sat back and waited patiently for a reply, expecting forms to fill in and hoops to jump through, as you do.

They phoned me back today and it turns out it is really easy.

So once the new licence and the new decals arrive she will be called “FortyTwo”.

No doubt there will be some complicated ceremony to change the name, but that is sure to include champagne. 🙂

An Apology

I am beginning to think that all the heavy rain this year is my fault. For that I apologise, I really do.

You see, when I bought my first boat and put it in the water, it rained. And it didn’t stop raining for about 6 months. So we never got the use out of it that we wanted but we did enjoy the time we could get out. Enjoyed it so much that we have now bought another boat, as you will know if you have read this blog.

Last weekend I picked up the boat intending to bring her back along the river to Oxford. When I get aboard it started raining. I wasn’t able to get her to Oxford, or even set off as I had to get a gas leak fixed for the BSS inspection. No real problem, I have been able to leave her at a boat yard near Chertsy for the week while they do the work. In the mean time its been raining again. Raining so much that the river is in flood again and the red warnings are going up. Which means that I might not be able to move the boat on the river, and if I don’t get her through Ilsley lock before the 1st November I am stuck as its being closed for maintenance until February instead I have to look into getting her taken by road, which will cost more money.

And it looks like more rain over the weekend. I am sure once it has cost me a fortune to move the boat to Oxford by road it will stop raining. Until I get her back in the water again I guess.

Sorry about that everyone.

Hang on a minute, what happened to Summer?

Well, looks like Summer is over. How long did it last this year? Was it two or three weeks?

Disappointing. Not only is the weather disappointing, but I was supposed to be on Holiday this week but had to cancel it due to things beyond my control and the fact that no one listens to me :-). But I guess that was a blessing in disguise as I think I would have got a bit wet in the past couple of days – the boat is a bit too small to have the cover up and be able to get in and out easily at locks so is not best suited to the Thames in the rain.

If the water gets any deeper, I can moor the boat in my driveway

So today was spent at work. Which wasn’t much fun. Roll on the weekend. Lets hope it stops raining.

(The sun has just come out as I write. Maybe thats a good omen!)