Seven and a half million years later…..

I ordered the new name decals from someone on ebay. They said in their listing “Most orders are despatched within 24 hours” and it was first class post. Great.

Luckily they didn’t quite take as long as Deep Thought did to calculate the answer.

They finally turned up today (about a week and a half later, having missed both the weekends that I planned to apply them) and they are wrong!! so thats a week late and not exactly what I asked for. Luckily they are not so wrong that I cant sort it out but I bet I screw up the spacing.

Wouldn’t mind so much if I had told them over the phone, but it was in an email. The name is FortyTwo (note that I didn’t put a space between the Forty and the Two).

The good news is I can finally get the new name on the boat.

If it stops raining.


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