An Apology

I am beginning to think that all the heavy rain this year is my fault. For that I apologise, I really do.

You see, when I bought my first boat and put it in the water, it rained. And it didn’t stop raining for about 6 months. So we never got the use out of it that we wanted but we did enjoy the time we could get out. Enjoyed it so much that we have now bought another boat, as you will know if you have read this blog.

Last weekend I picked up the boat intending to bring her back along the river to Oxford. When I get aboard it started raining. I wasn’t able to get her to Oxford, or even set off as I had to get a gas leak fixed for the BSS inspection. No real problem, I have been able to leave her at a boat yard near Chertsy for the week while they do the work. In the mean time its been raining again. Raining so much that the river is in flood again and the red warnings are going up. Which means that I might not be able to move the boat on the river, and if I don’t get her through Ilsley lock before the 1st November I am stuck as its being closed for maintenance until February instead I have to look into getting her taken by road, which will cost more money.

And it looks like more rain over the weekend. I am sure once it has cost me a fortune to move the boat to Oxford by road it will stop raining. Until I get her back in the water again I guess.

Sorry about that everyone.


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