Bournemouth (cloudy, with a chance of chicken)

This week I was supposed to be on holiday. We had planned to head down the Thames towards London. But everything conspired against us including, as usual, the weather.
So I spent the first part of the week at work (writing naming convension code. Increadably dull and uninteresting) and decide to take Thursday and Friday off in the hope that we could still get a long weekend on the boat. Not much chance of that so we want to Bournemouth instead. I am not going to say much about Bournemouth other than it was a bit disappointing. Hotel was rubbish. Weather was rubbish. Harry Ramsden’s fish and chips was awful. Choice of pubs was not too good. And we were so unimpressed with the hotel restaurant that we had Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.


However the beach was very nice, even in the rain, and we had a brief visit to Poole this morning which was very nice.

Next time we are going to stay in Poole for a couple of days.


Oh and by the way, we quite like the new iOS 6 panoramic photo mode on the iPhone 🙂


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