Hang on a minute, what happened to Summer?

Well, looks like Summer is over. How long did it last this year? Was it two or three weeks?

Disappointing. Not only is the weather disappointing, but I was supposed to be on Holiday this week but had to cancel it due to things beyond my control and the fact that no one listens to me :-). But I guess that was a blessing in disguise as I think I would have got a bit wet in the past couple of days – the boat is a bit too small to have the cover up and be able to get in and out easily at locks so is not best suited to the Thames in the rain.

If the water gets any deeper, I can moor the boat in my driveway

So today was spent at work. Which wasn’t much fun. Roll on the weekend. Lets hope it stops raining.

(The sun has just come out as I write. Maybe thats a good omen!)


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