Thats more like it!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you may have noticed that its finally stopped raining. Even better – the sun came out! We went out on the river Saturday and Sunday and had a great time cruising from Oxford to Dorchester and back again.

Abingdon Bridge

Only problems we encountered were on Saturday night when some poeple in some of the boats behind us had some sort of altercation about noise, which led to a fight and then the police turned up. Sunday morning a bloke had a disagreement with a woman mooring up and there was much shouting and swearing, not a nice start to the day but the good thing about boating is that you can untie the ropes and leave all that and move on. Which is what we did. It put us off Abingdon, which is a shame as the actual town seemed nice, and the chinese takeaway (just over the bridge from the free moorings) was very good, there were plenty of moorings even though it was quite busy,  and the 3G from 3 was pretty good.

I dont even get internet this quick at home from BT!

But all in all a good weekend, the boat worked fine and I am getting the hang of driving the thing. Looking forward to a lot more. Back out again this weekend with luck!


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