Well, it all started when….

This week we bought a boat. Only a small one but it will do for now.

Last month we had a holiday on the Norfolk broads and, even though it peed down with rain all week, we had a great time, and we were already planning to go back later in the year before we got to the end of the week.

After looking at some second hand boats on the Internet and finding out how much moorings were we decided to get our own 2 berth boat and moor it on the Thames, not too far from home. We bought the boat this week, a Fairline 20 built sometime in the late 70s. Outside the boat looks good, decent paintwork and had been recently anti-fouled. It has a 9.9 horse power outboard fitted and a four year safety certificate. Although the inside was cleanish it needs some work to make it comfortable, new wall/headlining, new cushions and curtains and some re-design of the table area.

Paying for the boat wasn’t the end of spending then, we spent this weekend ordering some of the things we need to fix up the inside.

Paperwork for the Thames River License was sent off to the Environment Agency on Friday and we have moorings in Oxford and the boat gets delivered on Tuesday. I am going to spend the week there, working daytime and getting the boat ready in the evenings. So we should be able to use it this coming bank holiday weekend. I hope.


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